PHOTO SHOOTING FOR THE NEW COLLECTION A lot is happening and all very exciting ! Francesca Torri Soldini has offered her time again this year and has flown to Tanzania to help out with the final selection of designs and colors for the collection 2014. But not only………….she  has also accepted to model for the new catalogue ! Her experience and skills, her contagious positive energy and sense of humor have transformed the hard working days into fun and very enjoyable moments. ASHE’ “Francesica”….(this is  how the Maasai women call her) !!

Francesca modelling1

FILMING IN MAASAI LAND  Rachel Ambrose who is and has been the great photographer behind each catalogue for  the last 5 years, has offered to film the Maasai Women in Mkuru with “Francesica” working on new designs. These footage will be part of the short documentary about Tanzania Maasai Women Art story hopefully ready towards the end of this year.

Francesca for film 2Francesca for film 4Francesca for film 5

THE RETAIL SHOP IN ARUSHA HAS MOVED TO THE NEW SHOPPING CENTER ‘SABLE SQUARE’ We have moved our shop to the new and very beautiful SABLE SQUARE Shopping Village just a few minutes drive from Arusha Airport. The center  is located on the main road which leads to all the Northern Safari circuits.

Sable Square shops

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