Collection 2013

The Maasai women groups are flat out with the production of the new designs for the collection 2013!
A selection of the best jewellery of these past few years and an outstanding new range of designs is presented in the new catalogue.

The models Rebecca Suder, Sintamei Kipepiari, Keara Pierce and some of the Maasai women have patiently posed for long hours and diligently followed the instructions of the photographer Rachel Ambrose. Thanks to Rachel the catalogue is again completely different from the previous ones and certainly an astounding achievement.

Special Collection 2013

This year we are very glad to offer a separate collection of more chic and sophisticated designs that require additional time and effort to be produced.

Launch Of The New Collection

Thursday 25th of April at the Blue Heron in
Arusha from 6pm.

Invites and details will be sent around soon. We hope you will join us for a special and fun evening!

The Team

“Mama Eva” from Enaboisho Maasai women group has recently joined the team in town and is helping with producing prototypes, training the other women on new designs and checking the quality of the beadwork.

It is a great pleasure to have Lén Helén Hörlin joining the board of directors!

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